Monday, August 6, 2012

What Are Your {Amended} Big Dreams?

     ~Emily Cline
Today, my friend and (unsuspecting) mentor Kimberly Wilson suggested a "review of your big dreams" and to "take one step closer this Monday" on her Tranquility du Jour Facebook page. I did a meditation (don't act shocked -- I meditate -- Home Goods wasn't open for another 20 minutes, what else was I to do); I did a meditation on where I am.

First, I wanted to model. With all my heart. I thought it would be a career that could get me traveling (yes) and meeting people (yes) and if I did it, I would have this fabulous life, full of self-confidence and happiness.. (er, not so much). I got a lot out of it. And, mainly, I survived. Stronger.
Me in Milan, circa 1990
Comp card from LA, 1992-ish
Finally in NY, around 1996
Shot in LA, just before moving to NY
Crazy progression to me, seeing how unhappy and insecure I was, trying to be someone I wasn't.

That was a big deal for me. I realized I didn't really get to speak or be myself in print, so I started acting: hooray! I could create, get my ya-ya's out, and be another person. I love(d) it! With my whole heart. The business side can be rough -- I have scars from agents and casting directors and reviewers -- but they give me character and dimension.. something I wasn't allowed in the modeling world.

And from high school on, I dreamed of living in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles (I blame Flashdance.) Once I actually spent time in LA, I knew that's where my soul lived. I planned, charted, hoped and finally got there. ahhhh. But once there, I let my eye off the ball, got married, got pregnant, and the curve-ball of being present to raise a child altered the course of things.


BIG DREAMS from a small town Iowa girl? I feel I'm in good standing.

And now going forward. The Second Act, if you will..

Big Dreams Bucket List:
Go back to India
   and London
Spend a month in the South of France
   or the Italian countryside
Raise a healthy, happy son
Live Creatively (with a capital C!)
...and finally, here's my BIG Dream...
Be "Of Service".

To me that means to help people. But not just any kind of help. Creative Help. Not "Creatively Taking Care of the Groceries" help or "Creatively Tackling My To-Do List", but to really use my creativity to help another person(s).

I'm going to take one step closer to that Big Dream today.* With all my heart. Are you? What's your Big Dream?
(hint: if you write it down or journal about it, it's a little easier to dream it!)

I sent an email to a local center of a nation-wide eating disorder facility, volunteering my services as a visual journalist. Keep your fingers crossed! It's a start!!
***What's next?***
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  1. You are not only beautiful, but truly have a beautiful heart. A very inspiring course of events have led you right where you will shine the brightest. Sometimes the star that shines the brightest is the one that is furthest away...the unlikely one. Thank you for being brave to share your story today...I for one have been blessed by it! Shine on girl! Selah <3

  2. Thanks, Selah. It's crazy that my "package" is/was such an issue for me, evoking such insecurities. And it's funny, I also see my past as an inspiring course, but at the time, so. lonely. and. painful. Glad I am evolving. Glad I am letting go. Thanks for your kind support!

  3. When we use our gifts to help others, especially to help their dreams come true, we are blessed and our gifts are multiplied! Patsy from
    HeARTworks and

    1. Thanks, Patsy! I certainly know I feel good when I do good. Just have to find the right place to go! xoxo

  4. fabulous post! Service makes your heart feel SO good...

    1. Thanks, Sandi. It does, doesn't it! What's your "service"?