Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gather and Giggle

The November Gather and Giggle was perhaps my favorite yet.  Emily led a short seminar on visual journaling, sharing her techniques, her wisdom, and her artistry with us.  After watching her put together a page, we all sat down and explored this technique for ourselves.  In between chocolate, laughter, and some spilled paint, we discovered some new ways to create.  Take a look:

Beautiful colors and movement

For Emily, creating is so easy she can do it with her eyes closed
Vibrant colors and generous swirls balanced by delicate layout, a reflection of it's creator

My personal piece, different from anything I'd done before

It is so satisfying to us to be building and encouraging this creative community of women.  Make sure you put Sunday, December 4 on your calendar, and don't miss one more opportunity to be a part of our Gather and Giggle!  Come join us. Come unfurl your art. Come unfurl your life.

And Happiest of Thanksgivings to all of you.  We are so very grateful for you, for your love, and support.  Thank you.

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