Thursday, December 22, 2011

Excitement! Honor! Pride!

I'm having an excited, proud *moment*, feeling quite honored!
For years I've followed the amazing, creative, super dry, hilarious blogger/visual journalist/school teacher Mary Ann Moss. She rocks my world with her stunning photographs and interesting journaling. She lives in Los Angeles, sadly I never got to meet her when I lived there. But I follow her religiously as she travels the world (with her equally interesting creative sister) -- last fall to Budapest, now to San Cristobal, Mexico. (Did I mention her posts are stunning?)
I checked in today (having missed a day or two) and lo and behold, she's using our Basic 'Bug notebook! I feel so honored & proud. I feel as if we are the proud sponsors of the US Olympic team -- only for visual journaling!
Thank you, Ms. Mary Ann Moss; you made my day. Safe travels!

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