Monday, March 26, 2012

Short Cuts Aren't Cheating! (right?)

Only 2 days until ArtFest. I'm working today and tomorrow: no way I can get my Artist Trading Cards done on time. arrr! Other people have, like, 100 trades to give. I don't.
ATC's to trade at ArtFest!
I have 24. And I only have that many because I took a "short cut". That's not cheating, right? I took some pages out of a small visual journal that I started ages ago, but never really took to loving. I cut up the pages and made them into cards. That's fair, isn't it?
Closer view of ATC's
Each one got individual attention, paint, sewing, some words, some drawing. And, I figure when I run out of these, (there's only 24 after all!), I'll give my business cards. It's still my art, even though it's printed by a manufacturer... that's not cheating. Is it?
Moo business cards


  1. Your trades were fabulous and I was lucky enough to get one...and it's in your picture (last card on the bottom right, with the typewriter:) And to know it came out of you art journal is even more special. Great idea to reuse art. I find cropping art that I'm not particularly fond of usually results in something wonderful:) Take care

  2. ha! that's funny: I totally remember you! Glad you like it. Being an AF newbie, I was unsure about what was acceptable. Then I was blown away by everyone's generosity. And friendliness. And TALENT!! crazy. I need more!! Do you blog? xo