Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Moving on...

And once again, here I am talking about party favors.  This time, for my going-away party.  (Cue: sad trombone.)

My party themes tend to be vague. This one was "Tex-Mex" in honor of our impending move to Texas and my ongoing addiction to mexican food.  So I threw together some tissue paper flowers, organized a fajita bar and some margaritas, invited my besties over, and oh my goodness had an almost painfully fantastic time.

I wanted to give each of my guests a little something.  Started with these basics:

The tins and confetti were gifts from Emily

Ended up with this:

Nothing to do with the Tex-Mex theme, but still darned cute!

Inside I tucked a variety of little trinkets:  a thank you charm, a decorated paper clip, a mini clothespin, a Herseys kiss, a star embellishment, and an mini envelope with a note saying all the things I loved about each person.

A few more paper flowers, some clay pots, and those tins later, I had this for my centerpiece:

A little flash would have been nice, but pretend it's just dramatic ambience.

The party itself was lots of eating, drinking.....

Not pictured:  the wine, blender of margaritas, vodka, and pitchers of Sangria.
 Also not pictured:  me competely toasted.

...and extra heaps of merriment.  We talked (louder and louder as the drinks poured on) and ate and belly-laughed and drank and the meter in my soul filled to the brim with love and gratitude and happiness.  I outed Emily's colorful past (to her embarrassment and my partiers intense interest and delight), which led to hours of funny and outrageous stories.  We did not mention Texas and when someone slipped there were general frowns of discouragement and strange hexing hand movements.

They presented me with a handmade book, lovingly decorated by Emily, and filled with photos and letters from each of my friends.  A tribute so beautiful and meaningful I couldn't even read it then because it made me too emotional.  It meant the world to me.    It will be a treasure to savor in my new surroundings whenever I'm feeling a little lonely, because there is no denying the love this book contains.

It all makes me ruminate about the word move

In my former life, "move" meant my body in motion, training, dancing, honing, performing.  Movement was my life.

Over the course of my years, I have "moved" a lot, in the sense that I have changed households repeatedly.  I am hoping this move to Texas marks the end of that for a good long while, but each move represents a change--in location, in people, in periods of my life.

And at this going away party, I was moved in another way.  Moved in the sense that my heart was touched, my emotions swelled, my soul filled.

So many ways to move.  I've done them all.  Doodlebugheart is essentially all about this.  All these ways we move, internally, externally, physically, emotionally, spiritually.  It's about finding a way to relish the experience.  It's about finding a way to appreciate the transitions, to know yourself, to appreciate your past while staying open to the future.  So much easier to teach than to experience.  But so worthwhile.

I am leaving a lot.  Dear friends.  Eras of my life.  A city I loved.

I am moving on.  To possibilities and family and sunshine.

Do me a favor and stick with me. I may be moving, but I'm not going anywhere.

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