Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm a Lawbreaker! ...Adventures of My First Tag Sale

     ~By Emily Cline~
Two separate police cars screeched up to the house. The officers jumped out and approached me: "Sorry, ma'am! We're going to have to shut you down." And here I thought I'd done everything right....
I lugged all the boxes and bags of clothes, toys, and home stuffs I'd been stockpiling for the last year down from the attic, into the living room. I sorted through piles of old memories and forgotten treasures.
I washed. I organized. I separated. I hung. I folded.
I listed on line. I bought bright orange tag board, made signs, and posted them. I gathered change.
I carried everything outside. I lined it all up.
I considered. I priced. I tagged. 
I waited.
I met fun adventurous people. I sold some things. I gave chocolate away. I picked up what the wind blew over. I was doing my duty as a member of my community: I was holding my first tag sale!
But when the two policemen walked up to me and said, "We're going to have to shut you down." I realized I didn't follow the rules: I didn't use their signs. I didn't have a permit.

And yes, I feel like a lawbreaker. Not because I didn't follow the rules. Because I stole a moment in time that I'll never forget. My very first tag sale... complete with a book, a snuggle, and a growing boy on my lap.
***What's next?


  1. Sweetest moment of the weekend, huh?

    Sorry the Larchmont police had nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon than shut down rogue tag sales. Gotta love those tax dollars hard at work!


    1. lol, right?! The insult added is seeing all the other tag sale signs around town... guess I'm not so popular on my street -- rebel rouser that I am!