Thursday, September 27, 2012


by Deborah

**Passing a mom and her pre-schooler as they walked through the busy preschool parking lot:

"Mom, know what I'm going to do once I turn five?"
"No, what?"
Proudly, "I'm going to punch your lights out!"
Gasp, followed by a red face, followed by the barely audible mutter,
"No, that's what I'm going to do to your father when he gets home."

**Sitting near a table of young college students:

"What's your roommate's name?"
"Blanche!  That's so pretty and unusual!  I love that!  I'm going to name my daughter that someday."
"Or maybe just my next lizard."

**Youngest pointing to my Oldest's ankle:

"What's that?"
Oldest, struggling momentarily to remember the correct term, answers authoritatively,
"That's my foot wrist."

Sometimes, if you listen closely enough, there's a giggle waiting for you.  Some people call it eavesdropping.  I call it paying attention to life's little absurdities.  Share some of your favorites with us!

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