Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Present for 2013

I am digging myself out of the 2012 I-Completely-Overdid-It zone. If there was a job, committee, event, task, show -- anything that could be done, I did it. In a totally frantic, needy, often ungrounded kinda way. I know part of my frenzy is to make up my guilt for not having a full-time office job; the other part is to make up my feeling stuck as a primary parent and housekeeper. Regardless.
It's time to get myself more organized, less frantic. I go to my fail-safe, Lisa Sonora Beam's Creative Entrepreneur workshop principles:
(1) name my life's primary focuses
(2) break them down individually: What it means to me, Hopes and Desires, Frustrations, Successes, Objectives, Measures, Strategies and Tactics
I cleared my Bulletin Board of Creative Happiness area. This is where I'll post my pages (below) once they're filled out.
I divvied up my life into 6 categories (because it's that easy to divvy up your life).
And went back to my Creative Entrepreneur cheat sheet.
I threw in a little feng shui bagua help from Andea Rich just so everything's in the right place.
Now it's time to turn off the computer, listen to myself, and get present. That's my word for the year: PRESENT. It's a gift; it has a lot to do with slowing down, not being frantic, and loving what I'm doing. I'll hang the sheets on the wall where my Bulletin Board of Creative Happiness was, giving myself clarity and focus in the new year.

*If you want a little help getting started, I'll give you you a peek what my categories were for 2010 and an example of how I started breaking one category down. For further, much better explanations and rockin' tutorials, contact Lisa Sonora.

For 2010:
1. Work (Lifeline) - Doodlebugheart, modeling, Buffalo Soldier (a book by Chris Bojalian I was producing into film), helping at Happy
2. Family - husband, son, parents, siblings & families, girlfriends
3. Spirit - church, quiet time, art time, play, travel
4. Health - hormones, therapy
5. Wealth - money in

1. Work
   -What it means to me: "Something for me" -- SERVICE, my contribution to society as a useful, worthwhile participant.
   -Hopes & Desires: Getting Doodlebugheart started! website, logo, advertising, marketing, pan and hold first workshop. Start modeling again -- or possibly doing commercial work after moving back to NY. Continue Buffalo Soldier. Help Heather start classes at Happy.
   -Frustrations:  Waiting until Deb and I are in close proximity, mothering obligations. Not having my own cash. Not really wanting to act in Buffalo Soldier any more, or put more money/energy into acting business and husband won't let go. Leaving LA in May.
   -Successes: A whole year at Art Center with a 4.0! Great creative connections, list of contacts and support (Lisa Sonora, art teachers, Heather Arndt, etc.) Released my commercial and legit acting agency. Signed with modeling agency. Working at Happy as a class coordinator and demonstrator. Doodlebugheart's conception! Showed art at Happy! Sold my first piece at Happy! Started a blog/site. Got a kick-ass script written for Buffalo Soldier.

A little side note to the above: my categories have changed for 2013 as has my focus:
1. Self/ health -- exercise, therapy, food, spirit, travel, sleep, journaling
2. Ruby Shea -- my art, my teaching, Etsy, shows, workshops, Pinterest + Instagram
3. Home -- husband, son, home, support people, PTA
4. (secondary) Family -- parents, in-laws, siblings
5. Work -- modeling, commericials, Doodlebugheart, What Did You Make Today?
6. My Tribes -- my girlfriends here and far


  1. I am at the bottom of the list?!! haha. Love this, going to copy you awesome friend and make the same outline myself. I am so happy we are connected! love you...

    1. haha!! Saved the best for last. It's funny how my categoties and lists have changed so much. Money is good, experience, relationships, feeling alive is sooo much better. LMK what you come up with! xoxoxox