Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Magic!

by Deborah

I think he is taking his eye exam.

My four year old daughter is very bright.  She asks me questions every day to which I do not know the answer.  Our conversations go something like this....

"Mommy, red ants bite, right?  But black ants don't, right?" 
"Right," I reassure her.
"Then how do black ants protect themselves?"

"Mommy, what do moths eat?"

"Mommy, what makes the wind?"

Thank goodness, she is young enough to still think I am, as mother, all-knowing and omnipotent, and I am trying my best to keep that bluff in as long as I can.  Most of the time I answer something like, "That's a great question, let's talk about it later."  Then I google the crap out of it, and bring it up later, long after she's lost interest.

Inevitably, Christmas brings a lot of questions about Santa, and how he knows what to bring, and how he can tell if she's naughty or nice, and how he gets stuff to all the kids in the world, and if a child is poor and doesn't get a gift, does that mean they are naughty?  I don't find it any easier to answer these questions about made-up mythical stuff than I do scientific stuff, but it also isn't as easy to google an answer.

Santa knows, but he ain't telling
So, in the time-worn tradition of tired mothers everywhere, I tend to answer most Santa questions with the one word answer, "Magic!"  No matter what she asks, I just answer "Magic!"  The exclamation point is an important part of this answer.  If I convey sufficient enthusiasm, it seems to quell any further inquiry, even if she is just studying me to see if I'm actually crazy or not.

"Mommy, how does Santa know what toys I want?"

"Mommy, how does Santa get all the toys to everyone in the world in one night?"

"Mommy, how do the reindeer fly?"

"Mommy, why don't some children get to have Christmas gifts?"

Granted, it's not a logical response to every question, but it does stop the train of thought and it definitely seems to give her something to think about.

It works so well, that I think I am going to make it my go-to response for anything I don't want to answer the rest of the year.

"Mom, can I stay up and watch a movie?"

"Mommy, can I have another cookie?"

"Mommy, can you come wipe me?"

The best part is there really is no good response to the "Magic!"  It is hard to argue against, and somehow you know it is futile to keep asking the same question.  I think I may be onto something here.

It is a magical time of year.  Merry Christmas!



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  1. This is the funniest thing I've heard in days! I will be enthusiastically answering "Magic!" every chance I get! So hilarious! Thanks for a great Wednesday afternoon cheer-up! Wishing it were in person! Xoxo