Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Divine Discontent is kickin' my butt (thankfully)

You've heard about "Divine Discontent". That point you reach when you're so frustrated. angry. upset. -- something has to give! And once it does, it's a good thing. I hit it last week: I was mad as hell.
   *our Doodlebugheart cameras were sorely lacking
   *my email was freezing on my iPhone (oo-- in fact, it's doing it again now!)
   *my printer wasn't working
   *my {beginner} design software seems to be incompatible with my personal blog site
   *I fell down, hurt my arm, and got my hair cut too short
In my oh-so-un-divine, mad-at-the-whole-world frustration, I was also feeling "lack" -- lack of money, time, energy, hair, and sunshine -- to fix or update (or lengthen) anything.
I was experiencing Divine Discontent.
But it was a good thing. It created a shift. It got me, my tools, and my space up to the next level.
   *We got a new camera (thanks to an Facebook and ebay mix up with Traci Bunkers) -- and this one actually works!
   *My man found me an awesome Epson printer on sale, with an incredible rebate!
   *Heather Arndt (mini-computer guru to my techless self) weighed in with help.
   *My bruise is going away, and slowly, oh. so. slowly. my hair is growing back.
Stepping into a new phase of life, where things actually work on the level that I am, I'll be creating, photographing, and printing in a much more professional way.
before Divine Discontent

after Divine Discontent
Thank you Divine Discontent. I needed that.

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