Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pay it Forward and You're a Gorgeous Genius too!

Pay it forward. When you get an amazing boost, you've got to pass it on. That's why I have to tell you about Lisa Sonora Beam, an extra-ordinary Creative Gorgeous Genius!

Two years ago, I picked up a book called, "The Creative Entrepreneur, A DIY Visual Guidebook for Making Business Ideas Real" by Lisa Sonora Beam. Driving home from LAX one day I was so eager to start it, I stopped at a Starbucks along the way. Her melding of creativity and business savy (she's a distinguished visual artist and holds an MBA!) connected my brain with my art. I followed the workbook, which guides creative types in creating a business plan. A mandala was birthed, ideas began to grow, phone calls were made. Doodlebugheart began to breathe.
Lisa Sonora Beam uses mandalas to guide you toward creating a strong, viable business, by getting specific on your skills, heart, value, gifts, tools, meaning, profitability, and flow.
I begged my husband to gift me with the Gorgeous Genius reTreat in Puerto Vallarta with Lisa. My world exploded! Creative people from all over shared, learned, questioned, and crafted. The people I met that week in Puerto Vallarta -- those Gorgeous Geniuses -- influence my life to this day. Especially Lisa.
Emily & Lisa Sonora Beam, Puerto Vallarta, January 2009
So I'm paying it forward. Get her book here: The Creative Entrepreneur. Got to her workshops. The next ones are: Chicago, October 29; San Fransisco/San Anselmo, November 12, and the Creative Entrepreneuer reTREAT in Puerto Vallarta. Info here:

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  1. Emily, It is truly a pleasure to work with you and continue to see you and your creative business thrive.

    As for this amazing piece of fan mail...well. I have tears in my eyes.

    I love it when creatives thrive, and bring their gifts into the world. This is what the world needs.

    Brave, courageous, creators out there doing what only they can do. Making something beautiful out of their ideas, those little urges to say yes to what brings them most alive.

    That's you! You're showing us all what is possible.

    thank you from the heart,