Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gather & Giggle -- we're building community, darnit!

One of our main reasons for creating Doodlebugheart is to bring women together. We know how much our girlfriends mean to us – they keep us going – whether we’re going through a rough patch or just dealing with life’s daily ‘stuff’. There’s nothing like an afternoon or night with friends. It’s better than therapy.
One Giggler was making flowers out of up-cycled sweaters!
Our monthly Gather and Giggle is just that. Getting women together. We got together last Sunday – special thank you to the Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce for sharing their space! We got a few of hours to hang out, eat cupcakes, and be creative. We shared our stories and craft supplies; came out feeling grounded, relaxed, and connected.
Another Giggler knitted! (hands omitted to protect the innocent)
{We’re not meant to go through life alone.} I’m sure of that. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an avid artist, a prolific scrapbooker, or a stellar seamstress, to be a part of our community. You can be young, old, stressed, exhausted, bored, or happy as a clam! We’re simply making life a little more enjoyable by being together, once a month, getting together and giggling.
A Giggler's 2 year old's birthday card in the making
(...my bad: I *just* couldn't get it to stay right-side up!)
Come play! And keep an eye out:  Gather & Giggle is coming to Westchester...

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