Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm Telling Ya: I'm a Rule Breaker!

Oh, yeah. I'm a rule breaker. Big time! And proud of it!

I started Flora Bowley's fabulous Bloom True e-course this past week and heeheee! I am breaking rules and I am lovin' every second of it!
Day 1 of putting paint to canvas.
Ms. Bowley, a unique, beautiful spirit and fantastic painter in her own right, is teaching us how she approaches painting (but not her 'style', per say). It's a mind/body/spirit class, with meditation, yoga stretches, and of course, painting with color -- lots of it! -- and creative souls from all over the world. We check in daily to read, watch, listen, and do a bit of work.  Before I had a chance to get intimidated, she started us off, nice and easy, with simple stuff, thoroughly explained and clearly demonstrated. Nothing daunting, nothing overly time consuming. Just the basics. With soul. If we have questions, break-throughs, or frustrations, there's not only a Flickr group for posting photos, but also an on-line chat group where anything goes.
Second day of painting.

As someone who can see pretty clearly where her art is going, I usually feel in control. Even if my piece turns out nothing like I thought it would, it's still okay. Not now. I'm letting go. Breaking rules. Playing. Breathing. I'm even starting to do a teeeeeeny bit of mediation (and I mean teeny!). Allowing Ms. Bowley to lead us, I'm trusting in {her} process. That's breaking my first rule. And I love it.
My faithful assistant, Maxi, waiting to hold my palette.
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