Monday, June 11, 2012

Erin Faith Allen -- ahhhh-mazing!

I'm in that post-workshop grounded, happy, relaxed, recharged, and a-little-sad-it's-over phase. We hosted the ahhh-mazing Erin Faith Allen for her Soul Portrait Empowerment Workshop this past weekend and it was full of goodness!
Admidst the paints, stencils, water, brushes, stamps, water, flowers, candles, fairy lights, Erin introduced herself; we introduced ourselves. Then among the birds, bunnies, and greenery, we listened to those deep down hushed voices and let them unfold.
Tracey Clem at work
We {openly} discussed creativity, women, careers, souls, religion and politics, pets, children, mates, parents.
Art by Mary McElroy Smith
We renamed each other, we hiccuped, we burped, we ate, we visualized and supported.
My Dick Blick 2 oz. loves
Mary's watercolor "eyeshadows"

We shared art supplies (above): Mary had these lovely watercolors in cute little makeup-like jars! Tracey had to hide her big bag of washi tape. And my little Dick Blick 2 oz paints I'm addicted to were a hit!

Collage by Erin Faith Allen
Because we were an intimate group, we were lucky to have Erin share with us. This pic (above) is hard to see, but it's deeply complex and layered.
Lotus en circle by Emily Cline
And even I came full circle... with Erin's beautiful balance and guidance.

We will be hosting her in Larchmont again -- once her child is born. In the meantime, we wish her happy, healthy body and baby! And send so much gratitude for her journey here, that allowed us to unfurl and open just a little bit more.

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