Tuesday, June 26, 2012

On the Road Again: Here's How I Craft

My family and I are in Los Angeles, the home of my heart, for the next two weeks, fixing, painting, and readying our house for the next renter. But I can't go two weeks without doing art. If you follow my personal blog (www.emilyclineart.com), you'll know I can't even go a single flight without doing art. I find flying one of the best places to work-- no phones, no doorbells, no appointments; only hushed tones and a small workspace. It's a challenge I relish! And with a summer full of travel ahead, I am stocked up and ready to hit the road.
Made this flying to LA last weekend -- love the purple -- from a smudged boysenberry ink pad.
But what to take?* This stumped me for years. I played with all kinds of systems, sat frustrated for hours without my {forgotten} glue, had scissors confiscated, exploded paint on unsuspecting seat companions. But now, I've got it down. And I have to admit: the tools I carry with me were the inspiration for the Doodlebugheart Basic 'Bug Box and Travel Kit.
On board kit of brushes, paint pens, and glue.
Carrying on makeshift stencils (from coffee cups), unmounted Teesha Moore stamps (light and easy for traveling), wet wipes, and paper ephemera.
My in-flight essentials are:
   Journal (preferably with some pages already gessoed)
   Paint pens
   Small paint brushes
   Tape (pieces of washi, Scotch, masking taped to the outside of my journal)
   Small stamp
   Stamp pad
   Paper ephemera
   Wet wipes

 In my checked luggage:
   Small paints (I love the Blicks colors, but really all I need are red, blue, yellow, black, white, and beige)
   A few more stamps
   Stamp pads
   More paper ephemera
My checked kit with Blick paints, a couple of spray inks, gesso, mounted Teesha Moore stamps, and my Distress Ink pad -- great for texturizing and aging.
Outside my stencil box where I stick on tape. 
Inside my stencil box

I always rip apart the in-flight magazines, and if I'm feeling flush, I grab a magazine or two before boarding. Once I've napped, hydrated, and established ownership of the armrest, I set up camp on my tray table and play. I use my emptied plastic water cup for my brushes snd dipping my fingers after I've smudged stamp pads around. And for the mess I make with my paint pens, my wet wipes are front and center. Once I'm on location, any table or floor makes a perfect impromptu studio. 
Another piece from my travels last weekend. (For some reason it got all wrinkly. hm)

*This post inspired by the ever-awesome Tracey Clem. Thanks Tracey!


  1. thanks for sharing always curious what others put in their little travel art bags.

    1. Thanks, Heidi! What do you take? And how??

  2. great post and pics! Love your travel pages and and the portability of those all-important essentials! (hey, p-p-p-p. lol)

    1. Thanks, lady! It was all done on the fly-- and with a lot of patience from my poor 6 year old, who's dying to run and play! :) what do you take with you and how?

  3. Thanks Em!! I'm fascinated by what people consider worthy of schlepping on the road. Loved seeing what you created on the go! Xoxo