Monday, December 10, 2012

Creative and Sick and Mad

I've had my (stomping mad and partly sick) 6 year old son home for 4 days now. (He just slammed his bedroom door on me after I told him "No guns" for the 100th time. I've always had a no gun policy in my house.) It's been a looooong weekend.

But even in his sickness (his fever is only 99.3), he's been creative. An inventor, actually, even with his madness.

A "love shooter". Really.
(I'm ignoring the fact that he says this is a bomb detonator.)
Bullhorn -- I'm sure it's for shouting love.
Paw print monster.
He just threw a stuffed animal down the stairs.  "There's no way to flip it!", he shouted.  "Flip what?" asked my man. "My madness!" he shouted back.

Maybe he's one of those tortured creative types.

***What's next?***

Join us Tuesday, December 11, from 7:00-10:00 p.m. for ourmonthly crafting date.We'll explore visual journaling, make holiday cards, and as always, if you have your own craft or hobby, bring it. There will be festive refreshments, too! AND, we might, just might have special, hot-off-the-press stamps from Happy Los Angeles for sale! (Let's hope the mailman can find us on time!)

Suggested donation of $10 at the door, though if it's your first time, please be our guest.
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