Friday, August 12, 2011

Paper the House

I really like paper.  It borders on a fetish.  Some people binge-eat, some overtan, some drink too much wine...I buy paper.  It's a general crafting product weakness--Michael's might as well slap on a cover charge as I walk in the door, because I never leave without dropping some serious bucks--but paper is my particular Achilles Heel.  It doesn't matter where I am (do you know anyone else who impulse buys paper at the grocery store?), if there is a paper product in the vicinity, especially in a conveniently themed pad or attractively packaged box, I will own it.  Sometimes I even use it, crafting cards, journals, and tags, or in my business (we host creative crafting workshops--we need paper! she justifies strenuously).  But mostly?  I hoard it.  I to have it.  I like to know I have it and to look at it and to think that I might use it for that mythical perfect project.  Don't judge.  Just join me in my obsession and take a look at just a few of my favorite paper sites and products.

Seven Gypsies is a beautiful site, crammed with amazing things.  Take a look at this and this and this, and tell me you aren't filled with greed.

Etsy is an obvious destination, although potentially overwhelming with literally tens of thousands of choices just for paper products.  But here are a few items I love:  paper and tags and cards and sundry.

Oh, the damage I can do on these sites.  Take a look and share some of your favorites with us!

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  1. I must confess: I hoard paper too, from notebooks, old books, tissue, wrapping, news. (think there's an issue in there?) hooray for paper!