Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What ordinary-ness makes you *gasp*?

What is it about seeing ordinary things out of context that makes me *gasp*?

I had an extra 30 minutes in New York City last week (okay, I blatantly stole the time from my babysitter) and I happened to stroll into JCrew (busted again: I was looking for sunglasses I didn't need). Walking up their stairs, I *gasped*, nearly missed a stair and fell over. Hanging above the rail were gloves. Hundreds of them. Antique ones, all different patterns and colors and sizes. Lined up against each other. Stunning, even in their ordinary-ness.
So it got me to thinking... what is is about seeing {art} like that? The creativity of color and pattern, the feeling of days gone by, the essence of a time when women were more formal, and deliberate attention was paid to what covered their delicate hands.
Which brings me to ask:
What makes you *gasp* in your ordinary days? (You are gasping, right?...)


  1. I really love collections of things. Like, buttons are cool but when faced with a box of buttons nothing short of sitting on my hands will keep me from riffling through them like sand grains!

  2. oo, I know! I luuuve multiples in collection. And I get all kinds-a gobb-stopped too. i.e. the gloves, I just stared and stared!