Thursday, August 25, 2011

That Is Ridiculous

Many things in my life are ridiculous.  Being the parent of two small children means my day is awash in funny, exasperating, ridiculous moments.  Case in point:  As a single childless woman, at the merest suggestion of vomit I would instinctively recoil; as a parent, my instinct is to catch it in my hand.  That is ridiculous.

Last week, as I was heading out the door, my daughter asked me "Mommy, can I lick the furniture?"   I'm not sure which was more ridiculous:  the question, or the fact that I then had a 10 minute discussion wherein I tried to explain why licking the furniture wasn't a good idea.  (Turns out, there really isn't a reason that is compelling to a 3-year-old.)  That is ridiculous.

It's ridiculous that, as we drive down the highway, my furniture-licking daughter yells out a running commentary which amounts to an account of my consumption habits that would make Google envious:  "...the train goes fast on theBARNES-AND-OBULL!tracks and Thomas went to pick up the brass band forSTARBUCKS!Mr. Toppenhat and can I have a playdate withHOMEDEPOT!and can we go to the playgroundIKEA!......"  That is ridiculous.

There are other kinds of ridiculous.  It's ridiculous how today that car swerved unexpectedly into my lane, raced to pass two cars in the middle lane, and then wildly veered over two more busy lanes to an exit ramp which apparently was SUPER important to get to within the next .3 microseconds.  That is ridiculous.

It's ridiculous to stand in line at the DMV for 3 hours.  Nothing funny about that.  Just ridiculous.  Just mutter-under-your-breath, text-everyone-you-know, read-every-magazine-in-your-purse, stare-daggers-at-the-gum-chewer, still-have-90-minutes-to-go ridiculous.

It's ridiculous how I cannot seem to correctly type the word "ridiculous" despite having grossly overused it in this post.  Totally ridubiouls.

It's ridiculous how cute it is when my youngest daughter nods and says the word "yes"-- it comes out as a solemn "Yish" and instead of nodding her chin up and down, she bobs her whole upper body.  That is ridiculously cute.

It's ridiculous that I once lived on a street with a slightly unusual name, so I spelled out the address whenever ordering by phone, which resulted in my receiving a package addressed to me at "Warbler Next Word Way."  That is ridiculous.

These little pockets of ridiculousness are gifts.  A momentary jolt of humor or unexpectedness snaps us out of our routine and focuses our attention on what's happening right now.  Don't let them slip away.  Honor these ridiculous gems in your life by crafting a visual journal page, or keeping a blackboard chalked with your children's funny sayings, or snapping a photograph and pasting it to card with a caption.  Just appreciate them, savor them.  (Except maybe the DMV one.  I'll give you a free pass on that one.)  They keep our lives fresh, unpredictable, and unique.

Share some of your ridiculous moments with us, and send us pictures of your craft creation!

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  1. oh, I know ridiculous... arguing for 45 minutes about whether or not a 5 year old gets to watch tv before breakfast? Ridiculous. (and eesh, that is hard to type!) LOVE the pix.