Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Roll 'Em Coasters!

Oooooh boy!  Look what I found at my local TJMaxx:

Your perplexed silence tells me that you may not yet feel my same enthusiasm for this wondrous discovery.  But oh, the possibilities!  First of all, this cute container, once empty, will be a terrific ribbon dispenser.  Second, about a krafillion paper coasters, which means:   TAGS!  Super easy tags!  Take 3 tools, 2 minutes, and tada!-- tags galore.  I'll show you how.

Step one:  Take one paper coaster.

Step two:  Punch a hole in it.

Step three:  Stamp or write "To:"  and "From:".
(I constantly use my "To From" stamp, and highly recommend getting one or several.  The ink is ColorBox Moss green, which happened to coordinate perfectly.)

Step four:  Tie a ribbon through the hole

Step five:  Do a whole bunch more!

How simple and awesome is that?  Pretty, multi-purpose tags ready to label that last minute present.  (In fact, make about 20 and package them together in a handmade pocket, and that could BE the present!)

You don't have to limit yourself to tags, either.  I took home a coaster from my local diner, stamped a design on it, and glued it on a journal.

Periodically peruse the stationery sections of your local Home Goods or TJMaxx for real treasures.  (I got my coasters for $2 on the clearance shelf!  Woohoo!)  But if you are itching to make some coaster tags and your grocery store doesn't carry any, try here and here for cute, moderately priced coasters.

And of course, they work just fine under drinks too.

Create something fun with your coasters and send us the pictures!

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