Monday, January 9, 2012

these three things

When we went to the Massachusetts Women's Conference early last month, my partner and I were rocked by the powerful speaking of Brene Brown (see her talking on TedMartha Beck, and Marion Jones (not necessarily in that order). I was curious then to see what would stick with me; what words of wisdom had staying power. Now, a month later, I feel confident offering these three things that stuck:

(1) Practice. It came with "gratitude", as in "Practice Gratitude", but I'm finding it fits all aspirations: I'm Practicing Patience. Practicing Joy. Practicing Forgiveness (see #3). When you Practice something, it doesn't have to be perfect, it's a start and there is gentleness in it's imperfection.

(2) A-S-K to G-E-T. With my (dominant) right hand and arm in a cast, I have (re)learned repeatedly: ASK FOR HELP. If you don't ask for what you want or need, you won't get it. People can't read your mind. (You really don't want them to anyway.)

(3) Forgive. So powerful, this simple word has become my theme for the entire year of 2012. First and most importantly, forgive myself. Then forgive others. And move on. It's not worth sweating the small stuff. Really.

Honorable Mention goes to Mel Robbins (who gave her speech to 300 of us with the back of her skirt ripped all the way up to her waist): Do the Thing You Don't Want to Do. Nobody wants to take out the trash. Just do it.

What's next?

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