Monday, April 9, 2012

I survived Easter! (and all I got was one lousy burn!)

For some {crazy} reason, I thought it would be a good idea to host Easter dinner for my husband's family. What was I thinking? I'm not ready for that! My dear friend Tracey Clem (stay tuned for posts from Her Cooking Master Craftiness!) kept sending me recipes of unequaled delight, but to no avail. They were not to come to pass. I can't handle the truth!

I over-planned! I created a menu with enough food to feed 24, not 10, only 6 of whom were adults. I lost sleep! Not good when you're trying to keep a clear head for timing, planning, and coordinating. And I tried to do it all by myself: cleaning, shopping, and cooking? I'm not a pioneer woman! What was I thinking! 

Everything boiled to a head at 3:00, a scant 2 hours before guests were to arrive, and I decided to get my craft on and make place cards. I wasn't dressed! I wasn't done cooking! Why, oh, why...

(fabrics and papers and scraps, oh my!)
Just a little part of the mess I dug up. (Did I mention this was less than 2 hours before guests were to arrive?!)
I couldn't find my stencils or my tool punch-thingy, so I made my own templates.
I cut out egg-shaped pieces of fabric for backing, and cut pretty paper eggs for the front, and little tags for everyone's names. Since I had so much extra time (!), I decided to personalize each one with fabric and papers specific to each guest.

About this time, my son went into the bath and my husband took a nap. (!!) I started sewing the egg pieces together, in between running (literally) up and down the hall and stairs to check on my son in the tub. Panic and mayhem were rampant! In a frenzy, I stamped birds and nests, inked in names, and threw it all together with clothes pins -- miniature pins for the kids.

When my mother-in-law soon arrived, she immediately assessed the situation and gently calmed me -- gracefully, and with the help of a glass of champagne! She got me organized; we cranked up the oven, and by the time the kids (and I) were just about to fall apart, everything fell into place. 
The final place cards

The ham was perfectly salty, the scalloped potatoes were (finally) cooked through, the mac and cheese wasn't dry, and the place cards were a hit! *sigh* I did it! I survived Easter! (And all I got was one lousy burn!)

**What's new?**
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