Monday, April 16, 2012

Lisa Myers Bulmash!

Teesha Moore's 2012 ArtFest introduced me to many wonder-filled, incredible people. One of whom was the fabulous, hilarious Lisa Myers Bulmash. Woo-eee! That girl rocks. What first struck me about her is her easy, open, "Let's play!" spirit. She is beautiful, super creative, and ready for anything. She showed some of her ArtFest creations the first night I talked with her, as she shared with me the consciousness that went into her pieces. Amazing.
Isn't she beautiful? Even without makeup, she just glows. Check out her blog to see some of what she did -- there's some really interesting, consciously made pieces:
That first night, she just up and popped out her little briefcase...
It's a just little something that her loving husband made her. (Can you believe this guy?!) It's a Doodlebugheart Travel Kit to the extreme.
It's so cool: the simple red felt straps hold everything in place.

Separate compartments for all her stamps, fabrics, heating tool, and doodads.
This is the top of the briefcase -- perfect for papers, stencils, journals, photographs.

Again, here's Lisa blog: She's a beauty of a woman, well worth following!

**What's new?**
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  1. Thanks for such amazing coverage of the "Executive Crafting Case" I created for her. I feel validated. :-)

    1. ha ha! Glad you feel validated. We do parking tickets too. (seriously, though: the case rocks!)