Friday, April 13, 2012

Things I Want

With our impending move comes the promise of being able to decorate a new home.  Suddenly all those catalogs that went straight to recycling have become must-reads as I dream and fantasize and imagine all the things I would like to have.  I doubt I actually will end up purchasing most of them, but it has surprised me how much I have enjoyed the exercise of imagining I could.  Here are a few of my favorites:

I don't need any more dining chairs, I have more than enough.  But oh my goodness I think these wooden chairs are just gorgeous.  My absolute fave is the carved vines chair.  I would love a whole set of those.

I'm not sure what it is about this clock that I love so much.  The vintage look, the balance of circular face set in the rectangular shape, the wood just looks romantic and historic and handy, and I picture it on the bedside of an artist's garret in Paris.  So pretty.

I envision designing a mudroom of benches and baskets with these setting the tone.  I love the industrial look but also how useful they are. 

I'm not sure what the recycling program is where we are moving, but we have a really good one where we live now.  I have plastic bins outside at the moment, but these are so cute I could leave them stacked in the corner of the kitchen, which would be much more convenient.

This would be adorable in the master bath, but it would also work in the kids rooms or even in the pantry.  Lots of uses, especially since it's fairly compact.  Alas, it seems to no longer be available.  In which case, this was a runner-up for the bathroom:

Today, pretend you won the lottery, pull out some magazines and pick out what you would really like to have.  Nothing wrong with occasionally wishing and imagining.  Pull out those pages and keep a wish list.  If you revisit the folder in a few weeks and realize you still like things just as much, maybe it's worth saving up for that item.  Meanwhile, enjoy your unlimited imaginary budget, and decorate that new home in your head!

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