Monday, November 26, 2012

Do you know her? Heather Arndt is Happy!

     ~By Emily Cline
I have a friend named Heather Arndt. Do you know her? She lives in Los Angeles; used to manage and own this modern, eco-friendly, adorable home/gift/jewelry store called Happy in Los Feliz. Heather is a painter, crafter, ceramicist, yogi, wife, mom, and all-around-the-world *great* friend. She's always creating: right now she's starting What Did You Make Today? on Facebook. She's invited me to play too, and has deputized me to do the same for you. Join What Did You Make Today? and share what you make today and every day!

And while you're getting ready to share your makings, let me introduce you to Heather, by taking a little tour of the visual goodness around her Los Feliz home...
Everything Heather -- and her daughter does -- is creative!
Odds and ends, objects d'art, vintage brass.
Spirituality plays with whimsy.
Then we enter her studio...
Somehow, she creates order in her chaotic creative brain.
Plus a station for her 6 y.o. daughter, who also loves visual journaling.
Several inspiration boards-- this one clean and simple -- like her ceramics.
Shelves and shelves of goodies to drool over!
Odds and ends, arms and branches.
A testing station.
A few pieces stashed out of harm's way.
The World's Cutest Squirrel demands attention.
As you leave, you see ponies in the bathroom window...
...and a brass unicorn stands guard.
You can nab some of her goodies on Etsy:
Or meet her yourself at Renegade San Fransisco:
And in Los Angeles:

Tell her I sent you!

***What's next?***

Join us Tuesday, December 11, from 7:00-10:00 p.m. for our monthly crafting date.We'll make holiday cards, explore visual journaling, and as always, if you have your own craft or hobby, bring it! There will be festive refreshments, too!

Suggested donation of $10 at the door, though if it's your first time, please be our guest!
Email for details: or at


  1. OH! Thanks for this awesome idea from Heather (and tour of her home/studio). I found so much inspiration there last summer... I love you guys!

    1. yeah! She's pretty awesome! :) Love you too!