Thursday, November 29, 2012

Productive Procrastination

by Deborah

Time looks drunk.
When Emily and I started this company, we divided up the responsibilities rather naturally, without a great deal of discussion.  She did this, I did that.  One of the tasks I took on was filing our quarterly taxes.  Not something I relished, but a necessary business chore, and even if I found the tax labyrinth somewhat confusing at times, it overall was not all that terribly difficult if I could just sit down for an hour and focus.

Well, then I moved.  And the tax deadline came and went.  And it never once crossed my mind.  Not even a little bit.  Turns out, the tax people tend to not find that very endearing, so they sent a little reminder to Emily.  Which she then sent to me.


I slapped myself in the forehead a few times and promised her I would get it done on Thursday, before we would be hit with any penalties.

Today is Thursday.  Here are some things I have done today:
  • taken the dog to the dog park
  • taken the dog to the vet
  • called to try to change my address with an organization
  • written a thank you note
  • cut apart wallet sized pictures of my kids' school photos
  • written a note to my oldest daughter's preschool teacher from last year
  • talked to my mom
  • shopped for and bought 7 Christmas presents
  • went to a consultation about laser hair removal
  • checked the mail
  • filed all my receipts
  • called to make a doctor's appointment
  • cleaned out my address book
  • washed, dried, folded one load of my laundry
  • washed, dried, folded one load of the kids' laundry
  • went out to lunch
  • wrapped 3 Christmas presents
  • written this blog post

Things I have not done today:
  • taxes

I have at last discovered the key to my own productivity:  taxes.  More specifically, procrasinating on my taxes.  Some of those things above have been on my to-do list for months.  So, apparently the best motivation for tackling an ornery to-do list is have an even more ornery task that I want to avoid.

Not to worry, I will still get those taxes done -- although it will have to be after the girls are in bed tonight.  But I will get them done.  Just as soon as I make dinner and wash the dishes and.........


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  1. Ha ha ha!! Oh my gosh. Laughed out loud reading this. You have unlocked a great mystery of the universe! Thank you for sharing it! Hope the taxes went well & you're finding other ways to boost your productivity. :) xoxoxo