Monday, November 5, 2012

Your Choice

     ~Emily Cline

I've been thinking about this Election Day Eve post for a while now, wondering what to say, how to say it. Of course,I'd like to tell you who to vote for -- "My guy! My issues! My reasons!" -- but that's not fair. We each have our own path.
And that's my biggest thought: We each have our own power, our own voice. So use it. Please VOTE. Use your voice, use your power. We all have it. We are all equal. My vote is not stronger than yours, yours is not better than mine. We are all equal especially in this moment.
I hope you will vote for issues that are important to you, things you feel passionate about. I hope you have been paying attention and know the candiates stand. Sure, life is busy and there is a lot of noise out there: Who is right? Who is wrong? Who is telling the truth? Who is being honest?
Just make sure you VOTE. Use your power. Use your voice. Whatever your choice.

*If you need help finding your polling place, try this:

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