Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10 ways to get stuck on you

Glue is soooo important. When thing fall apart, you cannot underrate the effectiveness of glue. So here in my humble estimation, is what I have learned about different glues, their adhesiveness, usability, and durability.

1. Arlene's Tacky Glue -- good: when you need thicker adhesion, like to hold fabric or sequins. Bad: too thick for delicate (i.e. magazine, tissue) paper.

2. Elmer's -- good: for your kid's school projects. Bad: it's messy and goopy.

3. Glue stick -- good: when I want something to come up again. It's portable, handy, and quick. Bad: it doesn't seem to hold very well. I like Scotch or UHU brands.

4. Glue dots -- good: pasting on little do-dads, like when you're making a card and want to attach a gem or button, or want to add another page. Bad: incomplete, elevated coverage.

5. Rubber cement -- good: the smell! I have two friends who swear by it. They love the applicator brush. Dries clear, cleans easily; good for paper. And you can slide things around.  Bad: personally, I think it's too goopy, too wet, and seems to evaporate. (I like the buggers.)

6. Spray adhesives -- good: for bigger projects. Bad: the spray's not easy to focus and it is difficult to time it's optimum tackiness, which I've found is essential. I also find it's hard to keep the attaching papers smooth and wrinkle free. 

7. Mod Podge and/or medium -- good: for sealing things. A couple artist friends love this and say put it on both sides of the paper and to 'take your time'. Bad: I find it just doesn't stick well and it wrinkles and buckles. a lot.

8. Scotch® Quick Drying Tacky White Glue -- (my partner's newest favorite!) good: it dries quickly, is very strong adhesively, and it has a fine point applicator good for working with details. Bad: dries white, so have to be extra careful to not smudge and to wipe clean any mistakes or the glue will show. It has great hold: where you put it the first time better be where you want it to end up. (Not as forgiving as some other glues.)

9. Tombo Mono Aqua Liquid Glue (with blue lids -- my second favorite glue!) Good: two different size applicators on either end, you can either swipe on a strip, or dab on a dot. Bad: it's a little wet and buckles paper.

10. Yes! Paste (my favorite! One of my Fab 5's; I can't craft without it!) Good: it dries clear and slow enough that if I put something down and need to move it, I can. It can be dissolved in water, even after it's been down for a period of time. It's application ensures full coverage (because...) Bad: I put it on with a palette knife, which can be a little messy.

What do you think? What's your sticking point?


  1. How about hairspray, bubble gum and peanut butter. I've stuck a lot of things together with that trifacta.

  2. lol.. that's Hatcher's preferred method too! :/