Friday, October 7, 2011

You deserve it!

Happy birthday to me! Do you do that? Do you gift yourself? I'm giving myself a huge gift, one I'm embarrassed to say, I'm struggling to receive: a *vacation*. I scored a super affordable flight and free accommodations. My husband is sticking around the house; childcare on point. And I'm going. For a week. A {whole week}. Recharging and rejuvenating. 

It was my birthday Monday, and I've been showered by love from friends and family. Out-of-towners came to visit. Family came for festivities. Friends changed plans and popped over. Wishes came from all over! And even with my "no presents -- your presence is the gift" clause, they gifted, thoughtfully, generously: an afternoon at the Lion King, a new beeeeautiful leather-bound art journal book, handmade pottery, gift cards, jewelry, candles, a new computer! So many gifts and so much love, I kept questioning my deserved-ness. What have I done to receive so much?

While I can't fully answer that, I'm still going. I'm sitting here in the airport, with my bobbles on, typing on my new computer, headed out of town for my secret gift retreat.

I hope in this next year, you treat yourself generously, lovingly, unabashedly as you would one of your nearest and dearest. You deserve it. (..Just don't ask why!)

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