Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quick! What would you take to a desert island?

Going on holiday means stepping away from everyday life. It also means stepping away from everyday comforts, routines, and systems.

I'm sitting here, on my 'bare-bones' retreat by the lake, thinking about necessities and tools. What are my basic tools for doing visual journaling and art? Beyond everything the Basic 'Bug Craft Kit, which I really can't live without (Kits can be purchased at Doodlebugheart.com -- packed with paint, stamps, journal, scissors, glue, ruler, pencils, etc.), what are my Fab 5? What would I take to a desert island?
My Fab 5 -- from clock-wise from top left:
Yes! paste, spray water bottle, stamp cleaner pad, rag, palette knife

(1) Yes! paste. My must-have glue. It comes in a big tub, it's lid just begging to get stuck. It's a clear paste and hardly bubbles with paper. It can be gently un-stuck with water, otherwise, it holds. Awesome.

(2) Spray water bottle. For unsticking my hands (full of Yes! paste), watering-down paints, and making water marks on my page. I usually have a cup of water of water for dirty brushes on the side, but a *good* spray bottle is even more important.

(3) Stamp cleaner pad. I found this one at Michael's years ago and it rocks. I can stamp, clean, dry, and put away stamps in seconds. I keep the fuzzy stuff on the bottom damp, the top dry. It makes using stamps and ink pads super efficient and easy.

(4) A rag! Simple stuff here, but I gotta have a rag. More than baby wipes (which might round out a Top Ten List), a slightly damp rag not only cleans my hands and spills, it pushes around paint, removes glue, and rubs off hard lines and softens everything. Any old rag will do!

(5) Palette knife. These can be hard to find, but they're cheap and worth their weight in gold! It lays down the Yes! paste, scores lines in paint, lifts gloppy messes. Lightweight, easy to clean, and the plastic lasts forever -- longer than metal that erodes if left in water too long (note to self).

I can't live without these Fab 5. There are more to come -- as in, 6 through 10, but these are my tried-and-true essentials. What are yours?

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