Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The System Works! pArt 1, with a 360 degree view

my cheap paints (don't tell my real artist friends!)
I don't like routine. I rail against conformity. But take away my systems and I'm sunk. School days, scheduled babysitters, regular meal and bed times, all these things are very important for creating stability and a feeling of security. And not just for my child! I find its just as important for me, a 44 year old, working adult. 
One of my biggest system needs is for PLACEMENT. On my art table, I have a placement system: 
scissors, pencils, ruler, brushes, and water bottle to my left; 

gesso and Yes! Paste
gesso and Yes! Paste directly in front. And my studio has to have the table situated so i can look out a window, 
turn table with Max
with my turning shelf unit to my left,

ephemera box and spray paints to my right, all within reaching distance.
the lapboard Dad made me for Christmas when I was in college
I use a lap board my dad made for me 20 years ago for my actual working space. 
Gramma used to say, "Everything has a place and everything in it's place!" (i.e. The System Works, when The System is in place!)
Tune in next week for pArt 2, the HOW of my system.

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