Monday, October 31, 2011

The System Works: pArt 2 -- *How* I Work Within My System

Gesso is like primer -- it gets me started.
I start with gesso, partly to give the paper tooth, partly just to get my hands moving, and get me out of my head. 

After a quick dry with my handy heating/drying tool (formerly my hair dryer), 
Today I like the blues of the starfish and the numbers.
I sort through my papers to find the color and style of what I like for that day. I started what's called an "ephemera" file years ago by going through magazines and saving images and patterns that I like. 
I play with the main images -- there's usually a focal point -- by moving them around in different layouts. 
Then I layer, adding paint, ink, stains, tape, odds and ends..
..until the final "piece" reveals itself fully.
And it's all in line with My System. Throw a cog in it, and it's very likely I won't finish what I started that day. I get distracted, and whammo! I'm like a writer who's lost her story. My Systems give me a framework. I can go crazy because it's safe; there are boundaries.  .. ugh, boundaries? That's a whole other post..

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