Monday, July 23, 2012


*Dear Reader,
I want to introduce you to artist, teacher, visual journalist, mother (of my future daughter-in-law), very good friend, and so much more, Heather Arndt. We met four years ago, when our now six year olds fell in love in preschool. 
At the time, she was opening Happy in Los Angeles, a beautiful store full of the most interesting, eclectic, modern, home/life/personal goods. She has her masters in art and is, like us, in transition. She comes here as a favor today; hopefully, there will be man more 'favors' to come in the future!
I give you: the amazing, the beautiful, the talented, Heather Arndt!

Decisions. Crossroads. Life choices.

I'm standing at the precipice of a great career change. A life change. In my heart I feel all of my experiences have led to this point.
As I look into creating the life I want for myself, I look at my resume of interests, pursuits and career paths.
Yogi. Artist. Designer. Entrepreneur.

I've read books on finding what you really want in life, designing your life, vision boards etc. 
I've been inspired by people, like my brother Ake, who has invented his own life career doing music promotion and light shows for bands, and he loves it. 
I especially am inspired by Ake, because what he is doing is so unique and hard to explain, yet he is clear on what it is and isn't, and focused on making it happen.

I, my self feel I am creating a unique career path that holds elements of all my past work, along with some new material and focusing it into a new direction. It's hard, and it's hard work.

I've journaled, asked and answered the tough questions. And I feel I have finally honed in, both aesthetically and conceptually, the life and career I want for myself.

So why does my husband want me to wait a year?

And will I?

Oh life and it's funny predicaments. After all this lead up of the last 2 years of really truly finding my calling. my voice. I'm designing my future and I love the look of it. I dial into the universe to launch, and I get a "please hold".

As I'm writing this, I've yet to decide what I will do. Go for it, against my husbands recommendation of waiting, or heed his concern and put off this life that I want to start as soon as possible?

A friend randomly sent me this meme as I was contemplating this post this morning. It may hold my answer. or it may just be another silly facebook quote. 
   ~Heather Arndt

***What's next?***
Gather & Giggle! Join us Friday, August 24, from 7:00-10:00 p.m. for our monthly crafting date. Suggested donation of $10 at the door, though if it's your first time, please be our guest!
We're joining the fabulous Etsy crew's suggestion in their nation-wide craft party! We'll make postcards with the "Wish You Were Here" theme!
Email for details: or at 

Also, you can see a couple photos of our handmade Travel Journals from our July Gather & Giggle *here*! Many thanks to Lisa Sonora Beam for the inspiration and to the ladies who came and played!

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