Monday, July 16, 2012

Giving and Winning: Randel Plowman

     ~by Emily Cline
A few years ago, I found A Collage a Day artist Randel Plowman. Not sure how I got there; I'm not known for my web-searching prowess. But lucky me: my life and my art has been richer ever since!
My first Randel Plowman purchase!
First I fell in love with his collages. Simple, easy, and complex. Every day on his blog A Collage A Day, he makes a collage every day, posts them, and sells them for $25-$75 each.

I e-introduced myself and soon swooned for his accessible friendly open generosity. He shared with me his vendors, supply lists, and gave me tons of support -- he didn't even know me! I have electronically followed him ever since -- he recently went back to school in Wisconsin to get his MBA.

Now he's also written a book "The Collage Workbook: How to Get Started and Stay Inspired" published by the (also) very generous and accessible Sterling Publishing.

In the pretty, clever, oh-so-informative pages, he includes his tools, tips on how to get started and stay inspired, AND 50 Creativity Exercises, AND copyright-free images -- at no extra charge! But like the Ginsu Knives, that's not all!
Randel's basic tools for getting started.
One of fifty creative prompts!

Pages of free images!
He he also did a give-away:  one simply left a comment to be entered. As with all my Randel Plowman dealings go, I won! And, in true form, I won not only his book, but also a beautiful, framed print.
My framed prize -- from Randel himself!
I'm lucky. Lucky to have found Randel Plowman!

***UPDATE from RANDEL's BLOG: 7/19/2012

"To celebrate the second printing of The Collage Workbook we're offering up to you a very special giveaway.

One very lucky person will not only win a copy of The Collage Workbook, and a copy of Masters: Collage, but also a signed, matted, and framed original 8" x 8" collage by Randel Plowman, complete with documentation. This is a seriously fabulous prize.

How can you enter for a chance to win? Leave a comment on this blog by 9 pm EST on Thursday, July 26. Any comment will do, but why don't you tell us whether or not you already collage or would simply like to give it a try. One winner will be selected at random and announced on Friday, July 26.

Find out more about The Collage Workbook at:
Thanks and good luck!"***


***What's next?***
Gather & Giggle! Join us Friday, August 24, from 7:00-10:00 p.m. for our monthly crafting date. Suggested donation of $10 at the door, though if it's your first time, please be our guest!
We're joining the fabulous Etsy crew's suggestion in their nation-wide craft party! We'll make postcards with the "Wish You Were Here" theme!
Email for details: or at 

Also, you can see a couple photos of our handmade Travel Journals from our July Gather & Giggle *here*! Many thanks to Lisa Sonora Beam for the inspiration and to the ladies who came and played!


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    1. of course, Randel!! You've been awesome, and your book is really great. Congratulations! -- and thank you! ~Emily