Friday, July 13, 2012

Patience is a Virtue (sigh...)

I am not the world's most patient person...just ask my kids. I want it done now! Immediately! Instantly! Yesterday! I'm not so good at lines, in traffic, in limbo. It's miserable!

But this week I have been strongly reminded that the end result isn't nearly as important as the process of getting there. It's like yoga...the real work is done in holding poses, even when they're uncomfortable, and breathing. (Hmmm, which is probably why I am a kickboxing person...not a yoga person).

This idea of process over product touches almost every area of our lives...if we let it. It's true in my faith, where true transformation happens in the trusting, not in demanding an answer now. It's true in parenting, where the effects of disciplining, instructing, protecting, nurturing and encouraging aren't truly seen for years (decades??). It's true of any creative pursuit, where the days, weeks, months, years of putting pen to paper, paint to canvas, fingers to instrument, voice to song, feet to floor, create the artist you want to be. None of it happens overnight. The thing I need to learn is to be grateful for that.

As you go through your weekend, I encourage you to look for the places where you're impatient in your life, and see if there is a bit of process there that you can embrace (even with gritted teeth). And if you're in the area, join us in Larchmont to Gather & Giggle on Sunday afternoon, where we can explore and discuss the process of art and life together.

Until next time...
~Tracey Clem
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Gather & Giggle! Come to Larchmont Sunday, July 15 from 2:00-5:00 for our monthly crafting date; $10 at the door. We'll make our own travel journals!

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  1. How true! What a great reminder to enjoy the paint on the fingers even if the picture isn't what I'd hoped!